May 30, 2004

New rims

Cool, it looks like Jason, Jan, and my mom scored some nice BMW rims for the Golf from pick'n pull today. I wish I could have gone, but I went yesterday, and I have a ton of homework. Pictures soon!


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I seriously wonder:

I have two shoes. What is the farthest distance they have ever been apart?? Seriously, I want to know!


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i don't like it

With a disgusted feeling, Iím starting on my homework. I canít even figure out what I donít like, or why. Nothing fits into my comfort zone, I guess. I feel like Iím the last piece in a puzzle and I donít quite fit, but I have to. I just want to be content. I think I'm distracted.


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May 28, 2004

fuzzy soft fur

a rough surface
like sandpaper
a broken telephone
cracked windows
dented panels
cracked plastic
torn carpet
threads--hanging out
a cube
of box
a spindle
piano keys
wanting to wear lightning
as an alternative
just focusing
on not
so I can sleep
dirty cieling
my warm bed
but sleep
and a comforter



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May 26, 2004


At least I recognize that I am not well.
At least I can identify which thoughts have been twisted; I know what I don't really mean...

I don't like being sick.
I don't like being negative.



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May 25, 2004

the present situation

The present situation.
All it brings is anger
I'm pissed
I have no comment
I'm afraid I can only say negative thoughts about it


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Sitting there
I thought to myself
"I fucking hate metaphors"
"I hate the fact that they exist
and that society uses them
and teaches them"
"I hate the fact that I am aware of them
and that I can identify them"
"I hate that I use them"
"I hate that they can be hid behind"
Yeah...that's what I was thinking
I was sitting


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parking is fun

Yes, parking is fun.

I took my first driving lesson today. That means that now i can drive with an adult over 25 in the car. Cool.

some lyrics


Eeig hrop fhrom. Uidos plarkk zorbmins qoiple raggt!
My misunderstood cry for help.


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May 20, 2004


sometimes I don't feel heard
sometimes I don't understand
sometimes I don't want to be heard
sometimes people don't listen
sometimes people don't understand
sometimes people don't respond
sometimes I don't know what to say about it

sometimes it bothers me

I got superglue all over my hands and spent a good two hours trying to get it off.


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May 12, 2004

Rogue and The Fryed Brothers

Oh it is so great!! The music, the band, the experience!
I feel like I'm there again!
I'm looking out my window at the dimming horizon and there are a few stars overhead. I can just imagine the stage and the band cranking out rockin' tunes...and the lights.
Yeah, the best camping trip ever. Don't you ever go camp out with rock bands and play live music until the sun rises?

Odd it is. Yeah, I just looked out my window and had a flashback. Words won't do. I'm going to close my eyes now...scream nothing into nowhere... alright.


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May 11, 2004

The weather is just fine.

I happen to like the weather this way. I got sunburned, then hailed on, then the skies of couse now the wind is lashing at my curtains and blowing rain into my room.


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May 07, 2004


26"In your anger do not sin" : Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 27and do not give the devil a foothold.

-Ephesians 4:26-27

4 In your anger do not sin;
when you are on your beds,
search your hearts and be silent.

5 Offer right sacrifices
and trust in the LORD .

-Psalms 4:4-5

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May 02, 2004

I'd love to see it like you.

Raw Kevin: output; here, words, text. Improper use of punctuation, fragments of? And I know I'm losing myself to another day, which is my most thankful, and not a loss; so paper and pen then fingers and plastic pushers can really capture thought and my brain works like so? I'm thinking tape would help, glue is runny! Boldly painted here lies this. And expected was nothing. or something else? why do I care what you think as I maliciously grin behind some words? You don't know. It's aweful and horrible so I will do it again, that I know, I always have. let the carpet go. you don not need it. make it leave before it eats you or covers you, maybe smothers you.
Yes, raw Kevin, head slammed right here. don't get to close or I may hit you with it. yes; you had better stop here. I can so I won't. I want to.

Did you miss the fire? the explosion? try again. yeah, stop. I guess I was not done. Mr. Stapler, staple away, paper, smash! click clack smash

Good. You will be okay. Now go before it comes around again; color. sky.


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