May 13, 2004

Hot friends

Today someone asked me “Dude how did you get so lucky as to have so many hot friends?” It made me smile. I guess I don’t notice anymore my eyes are closed to that. I have found someone who is so incredibly beautiful. Not just on the outside she has inner beauty as well. Her personality is indescribable. She is perfect. She is a shining beacon to a lost traveler on a stormy sea. She brings so much joy with something as simple as resting her head on my shoulder. She will never know how much she means to me. Words cannot describe how I feel. I find myself wishing she were by my side as soon as we part. I have never felt this way before, I have never missed someone as much as I miss her. I love her. I can only hope she feels the same.

Posted by UberZogster at May 13, 2004 11:30 PM