October 29, 2004

Oh My Freaking God

I can't believe the SOX won the World Series!!!!

game shrek bowler serial

Geez. Wow. That was, like, unexpected...Wow. Yeah.

In other news...I can't believe I'm pulling an A in Advanced Algebra II Honors...I mean, I couldn't even get an A in regular Algebra I Honors two years ago...wow.

Apparently, I'm doing well in English Honors! W000T!!!

Yeah. My report card should be fairly good this quarter. since I have an A+ in German, and and A in math and global history, and a b+ in science (those are the known grades...I don't know about my other subjects).

Yeah. This was really random, but I haven't updated at all this month, so...

Posted by Chibi-Chan at October 29, 2004 07:46 PM