March 17, 2006

Project Steak

In my welding class we're doing projects, meaning that we have to draw out a plan and make a bill of materials before we can enter the shop again.

After four days of deliberation in the classroom my friend and I presented our plans to our welding teacher. It was a drawing of a square of sheet metal being heated by an oxygen-acetylene torch, "until red-hot", and the next frame showed a hand holding a raw ribeye steak, and the last frame showed the steak sizzling on the metal.

With serious and satisfied grins on our faces we awaited his approval. ... and it came. We're both completely baffled by this, but who are we to question such an opportunity?

Tomorrow we're going to bring in some bacon to test with. we have four weeks to work on projects so you can probably imagine how much meat we're going to cook before we test our skills on a steak.

Posted by Insomniac at March 17, 2006 05:07 AM