August 11, 2006


Oh JEEZ where have I been?

Playing with my puppy? Swimming in my pool? Hanging with Brian or my cousins? Planning a trip to oregon? Getting my WoW character to level 50?

Try all of the above.

Been having a fun summer. How about you?


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May 30, 2006


My WoW character hit 29! (I got my own account so i am no longer bumming off brian's)
And I cant wait for summer!

That is all.

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May 09, 2006

Eeew Stats homework

I can hear you all asking yourselves, where is that Jshei and her lovely journal entries? What has happened to her? Okay well maybe you're not asking that but I'm asking it for you.
Where am I? I am here! Studying and playing WoW and specifically not writing in this. yeah I know, I suck. Its okay.
So what has happened since my last entry?
Well, I played quite a bit of wow after bumming the cds off a friend and then borrowing nemo's account. Damn is it addicting and fun. I started several characters and then realized the immense and immediate necessity that is me getting my own account. I shall be doing that shortly, actually. But first I have to get through two reports, three midterms and two quizzes.
I spent three hours doing stats on Excel tonight. I needed a break.
Also, this weekend my dad gave my mom a surprise birthday party. Twas just a few people at a very nice seafood restaurant. It was quite enjoyable. And I got to take the train there! I had never taken a train like that before (amtrak) so that was very exciting.
I know I haven't been on irc or the forums lately and unfortunately thats out of pure laziness. If I'm not furiously trying to get a WoW character to 60 this summer I'll probably talk to you guys then.
Have a good week Y'all!

p.s. To any of those who watch my deviantart account you'll probably be thinking to yourself that this journal entry looked familiar. Dont worry, its not deja vu. I am just a wee bit lazy.

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April 04, 2006


Hey. that last entry was my hundredth and I didn't even notice! .....I think.
What's been happening in the land of Kelly you ask?
Well! I have started a new quarter at the college. I found out my grades for the previous quarter last week and it literally made me shout: 3.7. I made the deans list again! I find this incredibly shocking, since I totally bullshited the last two weeks of quizzes and homework.... ^_^
So this quarter, I have plant bio, physics of waves, and methods of research psychology. And of course, work. But work is alright, its really simple to be a cashier. And I don't have to ask for them damn credit cards! Though with work and class on the same day I may have up to 12 hour days, I still think its worth it. Oh did I mention? I have fridays off this quarter :D

Ah right, spring break. Cause of work, mine was 4 days long. I spent those four days beating halo on heroic. hehe. I also got to see brian though. I miss him right now. All of my friends at the dorms here either have someone they're lusting after or are coupled up. It's marginally annoying to be surrounded by that and have ones loved one be so far away. But Brian and I *did* sign for an apartment for the fall, so we just have a few months to go before we can be together. Yay!

Lets see, what else. oh, on the art front I have been marginally active, as those of you who saw my whoring topic on ev3. for those who didn't, I simply released pent up halo obsession on paper. :)

Alright, time to keep working on co-op legendary with ben. Yes, it is hard. Have a good week all!

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March 01, 2006


I forgot i had this thing again? oops.

SO i got my job.
AND brian and i are securing a place to live up here. we have picked a room and are simply waiting for the opportune moment to sign papers.
I am still extremely busy with school. I still have 40 pages to read in "A Vindication of the Rights of Women" and that is seriously slow going. had to take a break.
I cant think of anything else to say.

Have a good week everyone!

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February 12, 2006

oh yeah...

Forgot i had this thing. ive been using my deviantart blog lately. but now that comments are back up, why not say something here?
soooo what has happened to me in the past two months?
-i had a nice winter break
-i got an A in all but one class, damn statistics
-winter quarter started, and i soon felt the pain of taking 17 units
-i got sick twice
-i actually have friends in real life now. man that is an odd thing. i liked it till they all decided to go out with one another, and so now i feel all lonely and missing of brian.
-brian got me earrings for valentines day and i love them, i got him a teddy bear cause i am lame like that or something.
-i have a job interview on monday!!! yay!

thats about it. i'm glad the comments are back up. have a lovely weekend and week, all.

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December 16, 2005

two years?!

Brian and I have been together for two full years? Is this possible? Wow.
Happy anniversary, love. With much love and squishing! I'm so glad we've made it this far-- here's to many more years of love!

So one more day of finals and then I am free! Thank the lord. I have so much planned for winter break, I just know I'll get none of it done ^_^

Talk to y'all later!

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