January 16, 2005

untitled on purpose.

Well I'm bored, so I thought I'd make an entry. I luckily have very little homework this weekend, which gives me ample time to work on my short story for creative writing (which is actually homework, but it's a month long project so thats different) but I am suffering from a slight lapse in inspiration. I know what I want to write about, but it's hard to put it in the right words. I'm quite fond of my opening paragraph though:

"She looked down at her hands, cracked and bleeding, water washing the blood away slowly, diluted. Her eyes shifted to the stream of water, the glint of the overhead fluorescent light off the polished steel of the faucet bright and new. She could stare at that stream, it felt like hours would go by and she would lose herself in the fluidity, how the water bent the world behind it, warping it as it see fit. The stream would dance down her hands, cold and flowing. The soft hiss of it rushing through the pipes, the sharp splashing of it dripping into the sink. Carrying away red blood cells. Plasma the color of resin that she could not see but knew was there. Her fingers twitched from the stinging. She held her hands under the faucet a few minutes more, staring at the pink orange glow of the insides of her eyelids. A bird flew by the kitchen window, screeching harshly."

So I think if I just sit down and focus, I'll be able to find the drive to do it. I just need to listen to some deep, weird music. Or something like that.
Hope everyone enjoys their 3 day weekend. :)

Posted by Jshei at January 16, 2005 01:39 PM