June 19, 2005

summer is here, but I need help

Woah baby, I've gone 11 days with out making an entry? For shame. Sorry. I had finals and then I've been settling in at home. For those of you who go to ev3, you'll notice I haven't been there, for those of you who post on the boards, you'll notice I haven't been there either. I was very busy. But things are starting to settle down now, just in time for me to go make sure I have a job this summer. :\ not a moment to really rest, eh? :)

Though, now that I'm home and the problem of college has ended, I am now faced with a whole new issue--there's something wrong with my internet connection. It drops every 10-15 minutes, evident by my pinging out of ev3 and ichat and etc. According to my sister it started when I got here. We have a 2wire home portal 1000sw wireless router and dsl modem. we have dsl through... um, verizon. I connect through an airport card, my sister through ethernet, and she's been pinging out of AIM so it's affecting her too. It's never done this before, and I honestly have no clue what to do about it. If you have any idea what's going on, please comment. thank you.

I hope you all are having a lovely summer.

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June 08, 2005

Too Hot Pfhor You

Sorry, only cheesy marathon joke of a title I could think of. That's what I've been playing all day. Brian and I have been doing a lot of co-op and I almost finished Durandal... got to the last level and played it a few times and didn't really make it, so Bri and I finished it together :D On to infinity!
We also played through a bit of Marathon Evil the other day, which was very cool, and Marathon RED, which was a little obnoxious for my tastes, really.
MEvil was really frickin' scary. Dunno how many of you guys out there have played it but I screamed a *lot*. Hehehe, after three hours of it I grew to really like it and now, now I have just a wee bit more confidence playing the games than I used to. I think I'm almost ready to move on to normal instead of easy! *sigh* I suck. But hey. I'm having fun, and it's giving me lots of ideas for my own marathon mod.
Classes end tomorrow. Then a week of finals. I am going to have a *lot* of free time. I just hope I get stuff done.
Hope everyone has a great week!


Edit: Remember that essay?

B+. Booyah. :D

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