May 30, 2006


My WoW character hit 29! (I got my own account so i am no longer bumming off brian's)
And I cant wait for summer!

That is all.

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May 09, 2006

Eeew Stats homework

I can hear you all asking yourselves, where is that Jshei and her lovely journal entries? What has happened to her? Okay well maybe you're not asking that but I'm asking it for you.
Where am I? I am here! Studying and playing WoW and specifically not writing in this. yeah I know, I suck. Its okay.
So what has happened since my last entry?
Well, I played quite a bit of wow after bumming the cds off a friend and then borrowing nemo's account. Damn is it addicting and fun. I started several characters and then realized the immense and immediate necessity that is me getting my own account. I shall be doing that shortly, actually. But first I have to get through two reports, three midterms and two quizzes.
I spent three hours doing stats on Excel tonight. I needed a break.
Also, this weekend my dad gave my mom a surprise birthday party. Twas just a few people at a very nice seafood restaurant. It was quite enjoyable. And I got to take the train there! I had never taken a train like that before (amtrak) so that was very exciting.
I know I haven't been on irc or the forums lately and unfortunately thats out of pure laziness. If I'm not furiously trying to get a WoW character to 60 this summer I'll probably talk to you guys then.
Have a good week Y'all!

p.s. To any of those who watch my deviantart account you'll probably be thinking to yourself that this journal entry looked familiar. Dont worry, its not deja vu. I am just a wee bit lazy.

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