July 20, 2006


MySpace... annoys me. In fact, it downright pisses me off, seeing my friends making asses of themselves taking stupid emo photo's of themselves looking all sad and having their age a year younger than they really are (What are you, women?)

Alien project tracklist

And, I mean, if you're gonna make a website, at least make it readable. Wow, blue on red, ISN'T THAT A LITTLE BRIGHT FOR YOU? SHOULDN'T YOUR WEBSITE BE TRYING TO CRY LIKE IN THE PICTURES?

But hey, it's okay. You're cool, you're different, you don't use grammar. Wow, I wish I could be like you. As long as the camera is lower than my face when I take the photo, I'll look good like you do on your Myspace. Right? Right?

Get a life.

This post probably won't make sense. It has no purpose, it's just a rant. Oh well. Maybe I'll add a couple of incoherent lines of "lol my peeps back at the cock factory, peece out bruvas!!!!!!111!!11!" and a few pictures of me looking all sad and wearing makeup like a girl. And then we'll see.

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Posted by Steelix at July 20, 2006 12:34 AM