August 21, 2006

oh noes ma nose

Hello blog readers.

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Your friendly Steelix was punched in the face repeatedly today by a random bogan. It happened in the middle of the day at my school. What happened was I had called out to some friends jokingly, and this expelled student who wasn't meant to be on the school grounds thought I was speaking to him, came up, and as I was sitting down on a bench, just punched me in the nose, then the cheek, then the mouth. Adrenalin kicked in immediately though, and I didn't feel anything. Even though I was bigger than him, and so were two of my friends (It was a stupid thing to try, he's lucky none of us acted on it) and I could easily have pummeled the guy, I was pretty sure my nose was broken, because it was bleeding like fucking crazy, so I just gave him the freakiest grin I could, and walked past him to seek medical attention.

About 4 hours later after I'd taken a taxi home, the pain kicked in on my nose. I'm quite sure it's not actually broken though. My lips are swollen and cut in the inside and my cheek is swollen and bruised. Even though the school encouraged it, I haven't pressed charges (If he'd actually hurt me I might have) and I'm not in the slightest amount of pain.

Posted by Steelix at August 21, 2006 11:15 PM