May 01, 2005

Footloose, Cast Party...

So tonight marks my first (and, regretfully, only) attendance at a cast/crew party for Footloose. Kinda sad...I went to all but one of 'em for Music Man, I went to one of them for Footloose. And just as with the music man ones, my tech compatriots left. I can only recall leaving scotty and rachel at a party once, and that was back at higgins house. Otherwise, either we're not at the same party or I stay for a long time. I wonder what's up with that. Ironically, just as with Megan's Deadman party, Karolyn and I were the last people to leave...the Hall's don't count. Watched Aladin, which rocked. Her dad said we were honorary members of the family cause I ate so much and he liked Karolyn and we stayed late. Gotta love that.
So, I've now never written (will have never written) a tech show. Sure, I was there with MM, but I made no real contribution. DM I didn't go, and of course, they held it tonight...with no warning. I heard rumblings that it'd be written tonight before the show started, and was never officially told the plan (which is ok...I'm terrible at giving people official invites to anything) so I imagine my precence wasn't missed much. Plus, no one ever likes my ideas. They're either too sick or too inside...only I and maybe one other person get them. C'est la vie. At least now I don't have to worry about getting a major role (which I've never wanted) and there is no way on earth they'll get me into a dress again.
I'm sick and tired of guilt trips. Just in general. I mean, some people frequently try and guilt me into things (some of them harmless). Other people almost never try and guilt trip me. Still, guilt trips and peer pressure are the lamest forms of convincing for me. And least sucessfull...try and guilt me and I'll get angry and do whatever I want. And peer comment. Suffice to say there's only a handfull of people who can convince me to do things against my will. And even then, its rare.

Tomorrow is strike. Strangely, it doesn't feel time for FL to end. Hasn't lasted long enough. On the same note, I'm still not as invested in the show emotionally as I think I should be. Must be senioritis.

Two ap's next week, one on monday...just gotta get through this. Then freedom.

I love you!

Posted by Viper37 at May 1, 2005 01:30 AM