May 01, 2005

Footloose, Strike...

AKA, my last show on key crew.

So everything almost fell apart. Literally. Actors pushed the car into the upstage truss, hooked the bumper, and then ran away. We managed to unhook the car (not before a bloody actor pushed it straight into my least I don't have a black eye yet). More damage control followed, the hazer cap got stuck and I lost a huge chunk of skin trying to take it off.

Then strike, where group "Big Rolling Things" was done inside 45 minutes. Then we helped finish all three platforms, the staircases, a bunch of cords, and other random crap.

And the strike party? I wouldn't know. I decided to leave after strike...sometimes, you get pissed off enough with people and things that you don't wanna deal with stuff anymore. This was one of those days/nights.

So here's some random thoughts. This is me as a skeptic, me tired, me pissed off, and me angry at the way the world seems to be. See, tech corrupts...people at tech are so much pissier than they are other places. I can't count the number of times I got snapped at during the show, and I never had any major scewups to cause it. It was just an general attitude of I'd remind someone to check things, and I'd get a "John, shut up, I did it already". Only, when I check their work, its wrong for the third night in a row. All I ask for is some friggen patience when I'm helping. Then, whenever things do go wrong, everyone yells and swears at everyone else. I prolly do it too. But from the sounds of things, you couldn't tell we were friends. Then strike, I get an amazing group and we do all our stuff quickly and efficently and go to help others. What happens? The people we come to help decide to shove the shit parts of the work on it because they don't want to do it. Sure, I do that kinda thing too, I don't mean to imply I'm above that. But when I come to help you, why should I do your shit jobs? Oh, better yet, all these supposedly superior people were just standing around at the end of the night. There were still jobs to do (hell, I helped do 'em) yet they didn't want to so they didn't...same people who felt it fine to try and get me to sweep the stage while they stood around talking, as if I were a rotational or something. Right. Maybe tech is just another outlet, like everything else, where people try to build themselves up and stake their own little claims. I've done it, too. But how pathetic are we to do that?
Other shallow are our friendships? I never used to wonder this, cause it never seemed important, but more and more I've been questioning. Seems to me both I and others take a lot of relationships for granted. Are we just "friends of opportunity", where we're both at the same place so we talk and so on? Cause it seems to me friends shouldn't treat each other the way I treat a lot of my friends and am treated by them. Its lame as hell the kinds of scheming that go on. The way, if you walk around and talk to people one on one, they're all pissed at someone or another's powertrips yet no one speaks to anyone directly. The way I'm writing here instead of talking to people directly. Friends are supposed to be there to help. So why do we keep dragging each other down? How many friends have I honestally helped, and helped on purpose? How many friends have helped me?

How lame is it that I'm writing this?
Screw it, I'm basically done anyways...just some AP tests and projects and I'm done for real.

I hope the weather is nice next weekend...I have an idea again. And I like that.

I love you!

Posted by Viper37 at May 1, 2005 10:04 PM