November 12, 2006

MT Tourney/Visions of the Future...

This weekend was the MTSU tourney. 924 took 9th in our division (out of a total of 72 teams, I believe). The team we dropped 2 ballots to won the division and lost a tiebreaker to Texas, the other ballot we dropped was by a single point. Opening, directs, massive crosses, and a cop. Good point tallys and some 1st ranks...a lawyer told me my opening was textbook and my demenor in the courtroom was perfect. Now if I could just learn to stop pacing and use my hands better, all while not getting nervous as hell...

Midterms tuesday wednesday and cse program wednesday. Lots of work.

I dreamed that I was back on one of the hikes my parents used to take us on. We climb this long trail, huge elevation gain, and end up on this huge rocky cliff looking straight down into the valley, with a beautiful river running through it and on the other side another cliff. Strangely, directly below us was the parking lot with the cars. I could see people walking around, getting ready to come up the trail. I wondered, back then, what would happen if I accidently kicked a rock over the edge (or worse yet, if I threw one). What were the chances it would hit a car, a person? Or what if I fell over the edge? Would I land on someone, or a car full of people?
Life is that fragile. A small misstep, and I'd be gone. Some poor person down below would never know what happened.

I dreamed I'm back on that cliff, only its dark out, and rain is pouring down. I see lights moving around below. I hear my family somewhere behind me, talking. And I'm so worried that I dropped something, worried I might fall...

I love you.

Posted by Viper37 at November 12, 2006 11:01 PM