January 26, 2007


An aimless winter reflection, only shower deep

White particles, fine as sand, swirls about feet that move along, oblivious.

Tiny dunes race round and round, snowy ripples on the concrete shore.

Countless tiny particles, unique -- every one -- dancing freely with the wind.

With a gust, dancers grow wings; pirouetting, spiraling, higher and higher; with a bow, plummeting to earth once more.

Graceful waifs, soaring above buildings and trees, dreaming of the heavens from which they sprang.
(Transient bliss, destined to end with nary a sound...)

Brilliant crystals, reflecting refracting relating starry glory to all who care to see.

Mountains growing high, turning to plains, wrapping all in soft frozen blankets.

Buildings old made new, freshly gleaming once more.

Stillness falls. Gentle lakes turned to glass, turned upside down -- sand atop water, and so pure!
Trees, once bare, adorned in icy splendor, glisten softly in milky moonlight. Time, frozen as the world, sleeps peacefully. Ethereal eternity -- liable to shatter at the slightest sound. Real illusions or illusional reality, fantastical vistas empty of life, havens of unexperienced solitude. Skin-deep perfection, sparkling in lunar glory.

Morning: sunlight comes, waking life from endless slumber -- melting illusions, dissolving glass once more. Paragons hide from eyes, appearing only in memories and dreams, invisible yet never truly gone...

Posted by Viper37 at January 26, 2007 05:59 PM