January 30, 2004

Monster and more...

Today (after learning Music Man will feature a live, eating, smelling, etc. HORSE!) i ventured downtown to see Monster. For those who haven't seen it, I would reccomened it if you have a stomache for violence and lesibian sex. Yeah. All things considered, however, it is a rather thought provoking movie and provides an interesting look into the mind of a psychopathic killer. In that sense, it is slightly disturbing, but it has nothing on Elephant for freaking me out.

Question for contemplation: is it always justifiable to do what is neccessary to survive? Is it more so if doing what is neccessary also causes good?

Which brings me to my next point...if you happen to be one of the people who for whatever strange reason keep coming back to read this, post some sort of semi-intelligent comment.

Lastly (for tonight) is the song reccomendation du jour: Worked Up So Sexual - The Faint. Don't knock it till you hear it.

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January 29, 2004

Videos and teeth...

I beleive I set a new land speed record after school today. From the valley parking lot to my dentists office in downtown in under 20 minutes. Added to this was the heavy traffic and my complete lack of knowledge on how to get there. Even more relevant was the car I was driving...my lovely baby beast. The most amazing part, however, was that I avoided killing the valet parking dudes when they thought they lost my keys. Probably avoided that unhappy fate only because they found them within 5 mintutes and both them and the car was unharmed.
The reason for this rapid trip, you ask? I got the lovely hole in my tooth fixed. Now you can no longer tell that the tooth is like 1/4 fake...good deal.\

My other project for the day (or more likely, weekend) is ripping over 15 hours of video footage off a dv camera and burning it to dvd. For those of you keeping track at home, that requires well over 15 hours of work. Fun, no?

All in all though, it was a good day...interesting, but good.

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January 28, 2004

Life As an Act of Faith

As some of you may know, this semester's religion is "Problems of Faith". In today's discussion, Mr. Allen attempted to demonstrate that our entire life is one act of faith after another. Planning for the future, drinking tapwater, eating food you didn't cook, or climbing into a car are all acts of faith that we overlook on a daily basis. I personally do not even consider the possiblity that I will not arrive at school when I set out in the morning. Although I disagree that it takes a tremendous act of faith to get up in the morning (after all...what else are you gonna do?) it was rather sobering to realize how fragile life really is. For all of 20 minutes I attempted to contemplate if there were any things I regreted doing or not having done in life. Then I realized what seems to me to be a fundemental truth: shit happens. If I'm gonna get hit by a bloody semi on the way to school tomorrow, that's what's gonna happen. No reason to waste precious time fretting about the millions of bad things that might happen.

And also, I disagree with that statement about "living every second as if it were your last" (rough paraphrasing). If you focus on death, let it control you, you're missing out on the entire point of life: living. The moral of the story, children, is to realize and accept that nothing, bad nor good, can last and go on with your life, striving to love every second of it.

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January 27, 2004

But it was such a good burger...

There are always perils involved when consuming good food. Even more so if this good food happens to be a buger. Even a really good buger. One of the more little known dangers is the possibility of loosing part of a tooth. Well, I would like to educate all of you in the ability of good burgers to strike back (bad burgers may have the same powers, but none of them have so blatantly attacked me). Never, but never, take a giant bite out of a burger if your front tooth happens to be half real tooth and half filling stuff put in to replace the part of the tooth that was knocked out previously.

Yeah, that's a long complicated way of saying I managed to rechip my tooth for the fourth time since it was originally chipped. What fun, eh?

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Ever get that feeling...

where you just cannot bend your arms? Yeah...that pretty much sums up my day. I Woke up early for leadership studies, that seminar class that's worth credit but requires absolutely no work, and practically fell on my face. Both my arms and legs were trying to refuse to listen to me. Luckily, I got the legs under control within a few minutes, but as I type this I am still unable to bend both arms through the full range of motion I would normally have. Guess that's nature's way of telling me to take a day off, huh? Regardless, tomorrow will be back to the normal routine of lifting until failure. Seriously, until the limbs lock up, it feels great!

As to the buisness of the administration, I have learned nothing new, and am still rather unable to share the specifics with y'all (request of a party involved). I promise, as soon as I can, I will elaborate. It was brought to my attention, however, that part of my rant yesterday was slightly inaccurate. Legally, there are very few rights that apply at a private academic facility. We literally did sign ourselves away with those sheets at the start of the year. This is one of those times I wish I had a trained legal staff working for me.

Oh, last thing I wanted to mention: superbowl party. Sounds like scotty's steppin up and offering his giant tv for the festivities. Oh, and his house, too. Talk to him for info.

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January 26, 2004

I hate "the man"...

Well, today I had one of my fears from earlier this month confirmed. It appears that a certain academic institution is contemplating (or has possibly already decided upon) a course of action that I feel goes against the entire spirit of its founding, not to mention one of our most basic rights as American citizens. I, typical evil minded person that I am, have already contrived a sort of protest. Please stay tuned for more information regarding this subject...as soon as I am allowed to say more, I fully intend to.

Note: the following contains a rather angery rant. Continue at your own risk.

I ask you, how far should a private institution's rights extend to strip us of ours? They require us to wear clothes they like, represent them properly (oh, did you know that employees can be fired for making comments on or off school time that can be taken to protray the school in a negative light? Apparently, we can be punished aswell...) and generally attempting to brainwash us for 7 hours a day. As if this isn't enough, they expect us to sit back and take whatever shit they wanna throw our way. Now, though we all signed away our souls back in November, I feel there is still a line that cannot be crossed. Attempting to limit the pursuit of academic knowledge is crossing this line. What's next, I ask you noble administraters of educational wisdom? Will Shakespeare be banned for portraying violence and a deviant lifestyle in youngsters pursuing romance or in a noble lady prematurely ending a pregnancy? Will we be prohibited from learning about methods of birth control because you omnipotent judges feel it goes against some Divine Law? I do not ask that you condone all lifestyles or personal choices but to prohibit us, the students, from getting an intelligent look at such matters is pure hypocrocy! Where is your commitment to justice and openness to growth? How can you dare claim to teach us tolerance of others when you yourselves seem so bigoted?

Yes...yes, I am taking this perhaps too far. And at this time, I still lack all the relevant facts of the matter. For this reason, I am refraining from actions against said administrators. Furthermore, the likelyhood of any action having a postive effect on the situation at this time is practically nothing. Once I have cooled down and have the full story (and permission to share it), I will be more than happy to share it with all of you. Until then, forgive me for being vague (or trying to, anyways) and please don't do anything I won't do.

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And so I worked out...

For the first time in about a month and a half, I dragged my lazy ass into the weight room. I cannot express in words how truely wonderful it feels to be practically unable to move your arms and legs. I'm serious, you'd think that it would be unpleasant, especially the sharp pains that shoot up your limbs whenever you bend them, but to me, its rather like having a good chocolate bar. You just feel good, no need to question why.

My semester paper was also assigned today...apparently, it will be worth a good 25% of my semester grade. What fun we have. Honestly, english class felt like getting wacked upside the head with a shovel. "Hello class, time to think about college! Where have you previously been employed and where did your parents go to college? Oh, and here's four assignments and your paper for you to get started on. Enjoy!" (paraphrased slightly) Ah well, suppose the work never ends.

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January 25, 2004

Day One...

Well, this is the begining. What a nice place to be, isn't it? Highlight of the day was learning that "Lost In Translation" won best screenplay, and furthermore, Bill Murray had won best actor. Gotta love it when your favorite movie of the year wins the awards to prove it.

My music reccomendation of the weekend is a band I just recently discovered called "Death Cab for Cutie". They're what I consider good emo. If you don't like emo, whatever, you should at least try it. Never know, this band might change you.

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