March 19, 2007

8 week push to summer...

Back from spring break almost 3 hours earlier than I expected (which is great). This was one of the smoothest trips yet, exit row on the plane and I got a row to myself on the bus. The busride was so short I didn't manage to finish Munich, so I'll have to watch the rest of it some other time.

Spring break was really, really good. The first half of the week was kinda slow, but I got to see the parents and sis. Then down to corvallis for a few days (always great ^ ^) before coming back to portland to hit up the Melting Pot and El Gaucho friday and saturday, respectively. Amazing fondue and amazing steak...not to mention the bannas foster made tableside by Sherwood, who's desserts are quickly becoming legendeary in my mind. I even got to wear my shorts a bit, which was a great change from the freezing cold and snow.

And only a few more days (WEDNESDAY!) until you come out!!!!! I'm so excited! Monday-Wedensday afternoon will be pretty hard, I have a ton of meetings and need to get going in my classes quickly. One test this friday, one next wedensday, and a project due thursday. And a ton of meetings...I hate that it feels like I'm going to be busy while you're here. The weekends are still free, though... ^ ^

*biggest biggest biggest kisses and hugs* ^ ^
I love you!

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