September 04, 2004

Play time again

I'm ASM for Philadelphia Story, which will be going up on the 10th. So far, I've been to a grand total of 2 rehearsals, one of which I had to be on book for (which I hate). The show looks like it won't suck; I'm not sold that it'll be great, since I haven't seen it all, but dammit, the scene changes are going to kick ass. :)

I also auditioned for Tartuffe today. I wasn't really planning on it, but got talked into it by the director (who is also in Philadelphia Story). I came away from the audition really hoping that I get cast... but if I don't, that means a few less 100-mile days when it comes to driving, so that isn't half bad. :)

Anyway, with the play going up, it means I won't have time for Empire updates for a few weeks. I'll update the Lair this Monday, but that'll be it for a short while.

Posted by Eric at September 4, 2004 11:37 PM