October 02, 2005

Scary Stuff

So I'm laying in bed, not wanting to get up and start moving (8:26), when the phone rings. It's Sean, the Executive Director of GroundWorks Theatre (the company that put up Hellcab last year). She's calling because today is load-in for The Pavilion, their current show that opens this upcoming weekend.

Long-time readers will note that I usually talk about upcoming shows before I start work on them, and are no doubt thinking to themselves, "Gee, I've never heard Eric talk about this show." My initial response to her statement of "Well, today's the day" was of extended silence; so extended, in fact, she had to ask if I was still there. I'd never talked to her about working the show before, but she could have sworn that I had already signed on for it.

My heart immediately started pounding; I've got horrible memory, yes, but I'm always careful to write down what shows I'm working on. This is out of necessity; my calendar gets filled up quite quickly, and usually a good 6 months prior to the show, so if I don't write it down, I could very easily double-book myself. However, sure enough, I didn't have it written down anywhere (I had it in my phone's calendar, but that was only to remind me to go see it), so had to bow out of my non-existant obligation.

Even if I had signed onto the show before, I would have had to back out of it; there's just no way in hell I could work a show right now, since all this week I'm going to be moving (I'm still packing stuff up, because I'm efficient like that). If I wasn't moving, I would have agreed to work it at the last minute.

As it is, October is crazy-busy for me. First and foremost, I'm moving (in case you didn't know by now). Secondly, there are several shows that I've got to see in the next two weeks: Pavilion, Bad Seed (which my friend Kellye is in), Midsummer Night's Dream (I auditioned and didn't get a part, but I told them I'd go to see it anyway; the director was quite cool, and I'd like to work with him again), and 1984. Of the four, I don't think I'll be able to see 1984, which I'm sorta bummed about; it's a professional company, and I've got a friend in the cast. I was hoping I could go and have him introduce me to the Artistic Director. :)

On top of all that, my Grandma will be coming into town on the 7th (Dad and I will be moving all the really heavy stuff during the day, then she comes in later). Then, because that isn't stressful enough, I'm going to be stage managing (note the lack of "assistant" there; yeah, I'm really happy about that</sarcasm>) ACT 1's production of Equus, which runs October 21-29. Basically, I'm going to move, have a day or two to breathe, then jump right into the saddle and work a show; I just thought I'd clarify that for those that were wondering if I'm suicidal, since all evidence points to an affirmation.

Posted by Eric at October 2, 2005 10:35 AM

what kind of mother names their daughter Sean? sheesh.

Posted by: Moo at October 12, 2005 06:25 PM