April 18, 2007

CSS victory

Okay, so the oft-discussed ACT 1 website... I fixed the CSS problem I was having.

Quick recap: I've redone the site with a CSS-only layout, but was having a problem getting the line down the center to appear properly. Currently, the effect is done with a 1px border on the opposing table cells. When floating the two content areas (one on the left for pictures, one on the right for the content), the background image didn't extend any further than a non-floated box.

Well! When working on a completely different project (actually, I was working on a proposal for one site, and thinking about a totally different one that never went anywhere), I realized the solution: put the non-floated footer <div> into the same box as the two content areas. This would force the background to go all the way to the footer, thereby maintaining the look of the table-based layout with none of the drawbacks.

I'm quite pleased that I've finally gotten this sorted out (the last sudden "aha, this will do it!" solution didn't work at all, so this was a nice change of pace). Unfortunately, I'm hella busy at work with other web stuff, between the site I was writing the estimate for (which will probably come my way) and a redesign of our company website, so launching the overhauled website won't happen for at least another month or two.

Posted by Eric at April 18, 2007 05:50 PM

Congratz. Is there any news on lair forums, or perhaps even the lair itself? I know you're busy, but maybe if you have a minute now and then... ;)

Posted by: Cha0s at April 22, 2007 01:28 PM