July 14, 2008

Stuff and... stuff

Huh, I wonder if anyone still reads this?

Posted by Eric at July 14, 2008 11:43 PM

On the RSS, sure.

Posted by: Danny at July 15, 2008 07:23 AM

Groovy! That's honestly more than I was expecting. :)

Posted by: EVula at July 18, 2008 07:29 PM

You got another fan here!

I just picked up EV Nova again to re-live the thrill of EV..I even got my girlfriend into it!

So I came back to your site looking for that absolutely fantastic mission guide that you linked to...only to find to my horror it was GONE!!

I really hope you are still in touch with whoever ran ev-nova.net because that guide really needs to go back up! If you have a copy of it could you please email it to me as I desperately need it. Or perhaps you could host it directly on evula? Thx for your awesome website and I hope you manage to get in touch with whoever ran ev.nova.net!

-dissy ^_^

Posted by: dissy at July 20, 2008 12:44 PM