January 12, 2004

Moving Sucks.

Bleh, we've been moving everything at work, out of my dad's house where we were previously at and into the new digs. Talk about tough work... first, there are the tons of boxes. Second, there are the multiple machines (five G4s) and monitors (another five) and the tons of cables that connect everything. And three guesses as far as who gets to set all that stuff up...

On top of all this, I got to build both a desk and a lateral file. Did the construction go smoothly? Hell no! I managed to screw up the desk so many times it wasn't funny (well, now it is, but at the moment, it was just plain frustrating). The desk, you see, was designed so that its shelving unit could be on the left or right side (which is a good idea), but that means that all the relevant pieces have holes in them for either configuration. That means that construction is just a bit more difficult, and when you have your head as far up your ass as I apparently had mine, it gets very difficult.

When we moved in, we also found that we didn't have an internet connection. Joy of joys, when email is the lifeblood of the company. Emailing clients a PDF saves us so much time, and having them email us revision information lets us update the job quickly and easily... without an internet connection, we couldn't do a damn thing.

Oh, did I mention the fabulous phone system, the one that is fabulously overly complicated? We finally got our stupid voicemail to work, but then we couldn't change the generic greeting message, which directed missed calls to the company directory...which we didn't have... which meant that no one knew what our extensions were. Yay! A few (extremely angry) phone calls by my dad, and voila, we're walked through the phone system over the phone (oddly enough) and now we have a working system.

On top of it all, throughout our attempting to get business up and running, we kept realizing that we needed "just one more thing..." back in Nashville (we're now based out of Franklin, which is about 25 minutes away).

As I said, moving sucks.

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January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!

In case you can't read the title, happy new year to all of you.

Some of you may be wondering what the new year holds for the Lair, and in turn, the rest of the Empire...

...good question. :)

I've got a list of things that I'll be working on; right now, the To Do list has 15 items on it. Some of them I hope to be getting done (and by "done," it should be noted that some of the items are only "get this started" types of things) before the end of this month, while some are much further off.

While I'm not going to really talk about a lot of the things on the list (after all, what good is a secret if I tell everyone about it? :P), I can tell you right now that I'm going to be adding more and more items to the store as the year progresses. I'd also like to add more services to evula.net; I've got a few ideas, but by all means, if you can think of something that you'd like to see the Empire offer, let me know. The more the merrier, after all.

And, of course, there are the neglected areas of the Empire (evula.org, for example). I need to figure out what the hell I'm going to do with .org; for you members reading this, don't worry, no matter what I decide to do with it, your websites and email and whatnot will not be removed. I just need to figure out if I can still keep it open to new recruits or what.

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