May 31, 2005

Who wants a Lair update?

Yeah, you heard right. Me. Lair. Updating.

No, not today. Not tomorrow, either, though I was hoping to. Right now, the plan is to update the Lair on Monday (the 6th). The only reason I'm not updating sooner is that (a) I realized I had several more things left to do, and (b) to try to get them all done in the short amount of time I had until tomorrow would have put an insane amount of stress on me (refer back to my previous decision to stop having the Empire dictate my life).

So, instead of stressing out and rushing thru everything (and thereby possibly screwing stuff up quite badly), I'm going to take the extra few days so I can work on it Saturday (since I'll be seeing a show [with cute girls, hot damn] on Friday, and I have load-in on Sunday [with different cute girls]). Good times.

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May 29, 2005


Oh baby...

(just had to share)

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May 24, 2005

An update, since I haven't posted in almost a month

Heh, oh yeah, my blog!

So, anyway, the last month has been pretty busy. Here's all the shit I've been up to:

  • Did a play. I didn't say anything about it because, well, I was too busy actually doing the damn thing. The show was M. Butterfly, and it was a spectacular success (both in the sense that a lot of people came to see it, and it was a damn good show).
  • Doing another play. The Normal Heart will be opening up on June 9th. It's a chipper little show about the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in New York City. Real light-hearted fare.</sarcasm>
  • Saw Episode 3. Holy shit, awesome movie. I'm going to see it again Friday afternoon with my Dad, and I could stand to see it a third time, it's just that good.

That's all I can think of, but that's mainly because I'm really hungry. The Lair update has made progress; all I need to do now is finish up the existing Rants, and then add the Rants and Reviews that have piled up in my Inbox, and I'll be good to go. I'm also probably going to dump a ton of quotes into the Quote Archive.

The Joke Archive won't get updated to the new layout yet (I know, that sucks), but I need to get moving with the update; if I waited to finish it, it wouldn't get done until after MacWorld (mid-July). However, when it is updated, it'll have an extra hundred or so jokes in it (no kidding).

So, anyway, I guess that's it. Hopefully something momentous will happen in Real Life that will give me something to actually talk about. No promises, though.

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