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August 29, 2005

Back to College...

I'm headed back to college today, hopefully I get to campus in time to get my keys and start moving in tonight. Classes don't start until next week. I'll be in a triple this time, in a converted dorm lounge. It means double the space for only one extra person, so it should be pretty nice. I just wish it wasn't on the first floor of the building.

farmcum hacks

Anyway, I'm going to try to post more entries this year, but no promises.

See you soon!

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August 28, 2005

Some Statistics has had an interesting month so far. I figured, because I can, I might as well share some statistics. But then I decided that to do such a thing requires too much effort, and I'm lazy. So basically I'm just gonna sit here and laugh at all of those of you who got their hopes up that I'd share search phrases, robot hits, and browser percentages.

But hey, I'm not a mean guy. I'd hate to leave you hanging, so here's a tip. If you do a web search for "future dynamic haiku chess mafia" (without quotes), comes up first on Google. W00t.


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August 27, 2005

So... Yeah...

Uh... I got bored, so I figured, hey, that's what blogs are for.

Well then. That about wraps it up.


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August 19, 2005

Oh hey, it's my birthday

So it turns out it was my birthday yesterday. I was quite surprised to discover that I didn't think to make a mention of it in my blog until now. Some people on #ev3 made me a layer cak, which was kinda neat. I got some cool loot too. I played some card games with my family (and won), ate chinese food and (a real) layer cake.

Good times.

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August 07, 2005

Global Warming

It occurs to me that in the various debates on global warming, nobody has proposed the most obvious of theories. Aliens are slowly terra-forming our planet to better suit their needs, prior to an invasion. It's really quite logical, as it's a waste of time terra-forming a planet after you've wiped out the previous inhabitants. If you don't land colonists immediately, you risk somebody else taking over the place before you do, necessitating an expensive second invasion. In fact, the climate changes spurred on by alien weather machines may help eliminate a good deal of the inhabitants of the target planet before even firing a shot or landing a genocide droid. People already point to global warming as causing extinctions or endangering species, the logical conclusion of this line of thought is that the aliens' plans are working.

I believe, now that the full extent of this plan is known, we can no longer stand by while the governments of the world do nothing. Global warming is a serious issue, and must be met with nuclear weapons. If we launch nuclear missiles at random into deep space we stand a chance, however small, at hitting the incoming colonial ships and invasion forces before they get here. Of course, there is no way of knowing for sure if our weapons will be effective against the superior technology of the aliens, but I'd rather find out sooner rather than later. Of course, we must also be prepared to destroy our climate even further. If we swing the climate too far in any direction, it may be enough to make Earth no longer appealing. Since they obviously prefer a warmer environment, we should do our best to make it colder. Failing that, we must make it much warmer, hoping that our planet becomes much hotter than the aliens can tolerate. It may also be necessary to use nuclear weapons to irradiate large portions of the world, with the hope that aliens are effected by the radioactivity as much as us, or more. The best targets for these nuclear strikes would be underdeveloped and low-population areas, serving to deny good landing zones, and forcing the aliens to fight us where we have a chance to outnumber and overwhelm them with our most advanced non-nuclear weapons. The coasts should also be irradiated to prevent them from landing in the oceans and launching amphibious assaults.

While the coming times may be quite difficult, it is important that we all be committed to the defense of our homeworld, by any means possible. The chances of many humans dying as a result of this defense plan is great, but a necessary sacrifice to stop this alien menace!

Now of course, if you don't believe that theory, how about taking a look at history? Go back 10,000 years, and it's the end of an ice age. We never stopped warming up, and there were no factories or human interference going back that far. In fact, we're going to cool back down again eventually. There were several ice ages on this planet, and times when North America was tropical.