October 19, 2004

this is me

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...delicious
Your hugs are...gentle
Your eyes...sparkle like stars
Your touch is...irresistable
Your smell is...refreshing
Your smile is...amazing
Your love is...one of a kind
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Who were you in a past life?
by Kat007
Favorite Color:
You were most probably:Yourself, only taller
If not then you were:A great but unheard of poet
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Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Naturally multi-coloured.
Clothes:Long, super cool trenchcoats
Powers:Dragon taming
Special Features:Wolf ears and tail
Sidekick:An alternate personality, that on occasion takes on its own physical form.
Attitude:Upbeat and cheerful.
Weapon:Over-sized paper fan.
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What kind of Final Fantasy Character would I be?
by TheBlueParadox
Your Name/Handle
Your Hair StyleGreen in a Long Ponytail
Your Clothing StyleVery Humble flowing Garment
Your Weapon of ChoiceOversized Throwing Star
Your MissionTo Find the Four Crystals
Your Role in the FantasyVillian Turned Hero.
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